I’ve Looked at Clouds from Both Sides, Now

On the White Rim Trail of Canyonlands National Park, Utah, United States

 Clouds from Both Sides © 2016 Dave Getzschman


Ever notice that you can hear the lyrics to a song and feel like you get it, but on future listens, you gain a totally different meaning?

Why is this? Were you not fully conscious the first time? Does the consciousness that is you morph into a different consciousness? Are you the same you?

Acknowledging that you don’t approach the same song with the same understanding on separate occasions, can you allow your consciousness to evolve instantly on any lyric or subject or predicament?

Maybe you’ve heard Joni Mitchell‘s beautiful song about clouds.

If so, perhaps you thought it was actually about clouds for the first dozen listens. Several listens later, you learn that it’s about how she thinks she knows clouds, then she learns that she really doesn’t know clouds. After more listens, you learn that she’s speaking of life using the metaphor of clouds.

Can you look at clouds from both sides, like Joni Mitchell did, and find peace in the predicament that you “really don’t know clouds at all?”

Or, like a cloud, can you float comfortably in the instability of perpetual uncertainty?

Joni’s song goes on to tell us, “something’s lost but something’s gained in living every day.”

I think the “something lost” is the past. The “something gained” is our consciousness of right now, the awareness we have right now, the understanding that we need right now. Your now consciousness is the only thing you have. In truth, it’s the only thing you are.

Anyway, that’s my assessment right now. I really don’t know Joni Mitchell at all.

© 2016 Dave Getzschman Feel free to share on social media but please ask for permission to reprint in full or in part

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