Life experiencing Life

We each speak of “my life.” The life we have. The life we need to get. Or the things happening within this life, which is seemingly bound by limits.

In the same breath, we can acknowledge that Life is this thing all around us that we are all experiencing.

A life, then, is experiencing Life.

Where does one end and the other begin? Are they separate or the same? Are we not all comprising this experience of Life?

Perforce head shots
Superman ©2016 Dave Getzschman

Is Life, then, experiencing itself?

According to the Vedas, the ability to see Life as experiencing itself, to see existence as a singularity, makes you conscious. This consciousness, then, brings bliss.

Existence > Consciousness > Bliss

In this formula, all is seen as simply the rise and fall of perpetual creation. Creation is distinguished by name and form, but ultimately it is all the same: Emotions rise and fall. Thoughts rise and fall. Sensations rise and fall. The breath rises and falls. Mountains rise and fall. Civilizations rise and fall.

A flower (life) rises from the earth, unfolds towards the light, the source of Life, and falls upon itself, only to become compost for more rise and fall.

Perpetual revolutions, comprising evolution.

Life revealing itself to itself.

Life as a continuum, ever-expanding, all-inclusive. All one.


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